Policy and Sustainability

Essential Recruit PTY LTD is committed to offering its employees an innovative and rewarding work environment that encourages and fosters excellence.

These employee conduct guidelines help to guide employees on how to act and clarify how Essential Recruit PTY LTD expects employees to perform.

Work ethic

Employees are expected to perform their duties to the maximum of their ability and deliver acceptable objectives to Essential Recruit PTY LTD.


Employees are expected to follow health and safety guidelines and procedures and to be aware of, and report, any potential hazards.


Unauthorised disclosure of Essential Recruit PTY LTD information, regarding either Essential Recruit PTY LTD or its employees, is prohibited.

Personal conduct

Employees are expected to act in a courteous, respectful manner at all times when dealing with fellow employees, suppliers, contractors, customers and the general public.

Employees are expected to adhere to the dress code and presentation standards in accordance with the Essential Recruit PTY LTD guidelines.

Fair business

Employees are expected to behave honestly and openly and with integrity in their dealings with Essential Recruit PTY LTD. Employees must not mislead or defraud fellow employees, customers, suppliers, contractors or Essential Recruit PTY LTD in general.

Working environment

All employees have a legal obligation not to discriminate or harass any employee, agent, contract worker, supplier or visitor.

Employees are not permitted to smoke on Essential Recruit PTY LTD premises, except in designated smoking areas.

Gifts, conflict of interest and ethical conduct

Other than in the course of routine business, employees must not accept cash, gifts or gratuities from a supplier, agent, customer or contractor for any reason. Employees must not put themselves in a position where their interests conflict with those of Essential Recruit PTY LTD.

Obligation to disclose relevant information

Employees are obliged to inform Essential Recruit PTY LTD of any change in their circumstances that may affect their ability to perform their normal duties.


Employees are responsible for maintaining and protecting the environment.

Employees are expected to consider the impact of their actions on the environment and local community, including in relation to the disposal of waste, use and storage of chemicals, and use of natural resources.

Employee assistance program

Essential Recruit PTY LTD offers confidential access to counseling for staff and immediate family members. The employee assistance program provides counseling and assistance to help resolve or deal with personal problems and issues which may be affecting their work or home life.


Essential Recruit PTY LTD is committed to providing a workplace free of all forms of discrimination. It is an employee’s right to be treated with dignity and respect and it is also the employee’s responsibility to treat others the same way.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD is committed to meeting its legislative obligations relating to discrimination, and will take all reasonable, practicable steps to provide and maintain a working environment free from behaviours and actions that may be discriminatory.

An internal grievance resolution process assists employees to raise issues of concern, and all complaints will be treated confidentially, seriously and sympathetically. No employee will be penalised or disadvantaged as a result of raising any genuine concern or complaint.

Application of this policy

This policy applies to all activities, and people involved in those activities, that take place:

  • on work premises;
  • elsewhere where activities are undertaken in the course of employment; and
  • at work-related activities, such as social functions.

The policy applies to employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

Relevant and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found to have breached this policy.

What is discrimination?

Discrimination occurs when a person is treated less favourably than another person as a result of that person’s individual characteristics, or because that person belongs to a particular group.

Discrimination on the basis of the following characteristics is unlawful:

  • race (including colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or ethno-religious origin);
  • sex (including marital status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy,
  • sexuality (including sexual preference, gender identity, intersex status or homosexuality);
  • disability (including physical, psychiatric or intellectual disabilities);
  • age;
  • illness or injury;
  • parental status or responsibilities as a carer (including breastfeeding activities); or
  • membership or non-membership of a union.

No employee is permitted to engage in discriminatory conduct in relation to treatment of other employees, contractors, customers and visitors, (including members of the public).

Discrimination can be either direct or indirect.

What should employees who have a complaint do?

Essential Recruit PTY LTD aims to resolve all complaints about discrimination which may arise at the workplace. Essential Recruit PTY LTD can only do this if employees inform the company about their complaints.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD aims to treat all complaints about discrimination seriously, quickly and as confidentially as is reasonably possible.

If you think you are being unlawfully discriminated against, you should not ignore the conduct, hoping it will go away. If you can, you should speak to the person responsible for the conduct and ask that person to stop. If you do not feel that you can do this, or it doesn’t work, you should talk to Essential Recruit 1300 313 385 at any time to discuss any complaint or enquiry. You may approach them for general advice or to discuss any issue.

The human resources department may also investigate complaints. Depending on what you want and on the nature of the complaint, it might be appropriate for Essential Recruit PTY LTD to make a formal determination about what has happened, and to make a decision about what the consequences should be.

Conduct which breaches this policy
Conduct which breaches this policy is unacceptable and, depending on the severity and circumstances, may lead to disciplinary action. This will apply regardless of the seniority of the particular employee involved.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD must take appropriate disciplinary action against an employee who is responsible for, or engages in, any form of unlawful discrimination.

Disciplinary action might include any of:

  • demotion;
  • a requirement to provide a written or verbal apology;
  • a formal warning;
  • a requirement to attend training or counseling; and
  • dismissal.


Essential Recruit PTY LTD is committed to being an inclusive workplace that prides itself on recognising and valuing the individual differences, backgrounds, perspectives, qualities and insights provided by our workers. Essential Recruit PTY LTD strives to ensure that all our workers feel supported and comfortable at work.

We appreciate that our workers bring a range of differing skills and ideas to the workplace. This may be due to individual perspectives, life experience, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural background, religious belief, socio-economic background, disability, marital or family status, or age.

This Policy is binding and should be read in conjunction with other company policies. It does not form part of your employment contract.


This Policy assists Essential Recruit PTY LTD in ensuring that we offer an inclusive workplace where all workers are able to be themselves, and access opportunities to allow them to reach their full potential regardless of individual differences or background.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD recognises that there is strength in the diversity of our workers, and harnessing these can assist us to improve the workplace, as well as enhancing our overall performance and decision-making.


To apply this policy we will develop management strategies that are in line with recognising and valuing such diversity. This will include:

  • ensuring that our recruitment and selection processes are fair with candidates being considered on the basis of their skills, qualifications and abilities without any direct or indirect discrimination;
  • providing reasonable adjustments for workers or potential workers with disabilities to allow them to have equal terms, conditions and opportunities in the workplace;
  • reviewing employee pay on a regular basis to ensure there is no direct or indirect discrimination towards any workers of diverse backgrounds regarding the remuneration received;
  • conducting regular performance reviews based on merit and ensuring that review processes are applied consistently between workers;
    ensuring that policies and processes are in place to provide an inclusive workplace while also meeting legislative and other responsibilities relating to anti-discrimination, bullying or harassment and equal employment opportunity;
  • ensuring diversity strategies are reviewed and based on a consultative process that includes the participation of a diverse range of workers where possible;
  • ensuring all workplace processes and policies are reviewed for unconscious bias;
  • setting measurable goals to assist in achieving a diverse workforce and management team;
  • identifying and addressing any systemic barriers that prevent any workers from progressing to more senior roles;
  • ensuring that our workers feel comfortable sharing information about their background or circumstances, as well as raising any grievances; and
  • supporting flexible work practices to assist workers who require flexible work practices, including workers on parental leave.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) policy is in place to ensure employees, apprentices and trainees are mentally healthy and positive about work and life.

One of Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s core functions is to provide support to apprentices, trainees and staff allowing them to reach their full potential. The EAP adds value to the existing employee, apprentice and trainee service and extends the benefits to its direct employees to drive healthy workplaces, employee commitment and support retention.

To foster an optimistic and upbeat business culture, enhancing productivity and business success.


This policy applies to Essential Recruit PTY LTD employees, including apprentices and trainees active in employment. Any apprentice, trainee and employee whose employment ceases with Essential Recruit PTY LTD will not be able to access this EAP service, unless authorised by the HR Manager.

It addresses:

  • Provision of EAP services
  • Types of issues
  • Referral to EAP services
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Accessing EAP services

Key responsibilities of HR Manager.

  • To ensure all employees are aware of the EAP services, support its usage and absolute confidentiality.
  • To promote, encourage and support all employees to use the EAP program, where the need arises.
  • To ensure apprentices and trainees are aware of the EAP service at induction and that reminders of the service are provided at each workplace visit or where it may be required.


Provision of EAP Services

  • Employees apprentices and trainees have access to:
  • 24/7 counselling support via 1300313385 – free call number, 365 days (Essential Recruit PTY LTD)
  • Face-to-face, telephone, email, skype counselling (Monday to Friday 24 Hours)
  • Emergency and after hours counselling
  • Manager support hotline
  • Online EAP resource centre
  • Critical incident management

Employees, apprentices and trainees can access the above services while at work (in private) or outside the work premises. 

Types of Issues

Types of Issues that can be dealt with includes but is not limited to:

  • General feelings of anxiety, stress or depression
  • Feeling overwhelmed by pressures placed on you in the workplace and/or situations at home
  • The difficulties faced with fly-in fly-out work arrangements
  • Personal issues with your partners or other people close to you
  • Family challenges such as divorce, serious illness or a death in the family
  • Conflict with a team member or members
  • Frustration with lack of career progression
  • The struggle to successfully return to work after a period of extended leave

Referral to EAP Services


The EAP service is designed for self-referral. Where an employee, apprentice or trainee is experiencing work or personal issues, the service is offered as an alternate avenue of support.

Recommended referral

In some cases, a colleague, Manager or the like may notice a fellow employee in distress and recommend using the EAP service.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Identity of employees who access EAP services are not disclosed to Essential Recruit PTY LTD.
  • Issues raised by employees, apprentices and trainees are reported collectively to Essential Recruit PTY LTD anonymously for the sole purpose to better engage employees and apply enhanced future support level.

 Accessing EAP Service

Employees, apprentices and trainees can access EAP services by contacting the HR Manager directly. Employees are given the contact details at orientation. There is also contact information on the company’s website.

1. About the ESG Policy (Policy)

(a) Environmental, social and governance (ESG ) issues do not exist in a silo. ESG is about bringing them together under one banner to demonstrate the positive impact our business is having on the world. ESG is much like corporate social responsibility but on a vastly larger and more measurable scale. Companies who are at the forefront of talking about their ESG scores are generating more attention from across the business spectrum, and investors are actively looking for high ESG scoring companies.

(b) This policy will inform our ESG efforts moving forward. This includes, but is not limited to reporting, disclosures (both material and non-material), business practices, policies, procedures, investments, board activities, stakeholder engagement, and investor relations.

(c) Nothing in this policy shall be taken or understood to limit or reduce our current commitments, both legally and ethically.

2. Purpose of this policy

(a) The purpose of this policy is to provide information about ESG and to encourage the business to understand ESG better.

(b) This policy does not form part of any contract of employment or other contract to provide services, and we may amend it at any time.

3. Who is responsible for this policy?

(a) The board has overall responsibility for the effective operation of this policy. They have delegated responsibility for overseeing its implementation to Essential Recruit. Suggestions for change should be reported at Essential Recruit.

(b) Line managers have day-to-day responsibility for this policy and you should refer any questions about this policy to them in the first instance.

(c) This policy is reviewed annually every two years. Changes may be made at any time as government guidance develops.

4. Our ESG commitment

(a) We strive to build sustainable, equitable, healthy, and diverse communities through

a combination of innovative business practises and exemplary ESG performance. This commitment informs every aspect of our business, including how we design and build new projects, operate our company, collaborate with stakeholders and report progress.

(b) This ESG Policy sets out our approach to sustainability matters. At the heart of the Policy is a corporate culture that has sustainability at the core of all our business operations and values.

5. Our statement on climate change and the environment

(a) We are committed to managing our activities to promote environmental sustainability, conserve and enhance our natural resources, prevent environmental pollution and bring about continual improvement in our environmental performance, in accordance with Environmental Policy.

6. Our statement on social responsibility

(a) Our focus is to deepen relationships with our key stakeholders by investing in our employees and partnering with our customers, communities and investors.

(b) We are committed to engage with our employees to provide a challenging, dynamic, inclusive and diverse work environment that supports their professional development, as well as promoting a good work-life balance that prioritises their overall health and wellness.

(c) We will support initiatives that benefit the environment, human welfare and education. This includes skills training that advance workforce talent pipelines for our customers and economic development in the communities in which we operate.

(d) We will engage customers and employees around safety, health, and wellness.

(e) We will preserve and promote the protection of human rights and welfare within our own business activities in accordance with our Modern Slavery and Discrimination Policies.

7. Our statement on ethical governance

(a) Our focus is to promote strong oversight, transparency and risk management at all levels of our organisation, ensuring the resilience and long-term preservation of value for our business.

(b) We will maintain strong corporate governance practises through exemplary board stewardship, management accountability, and proactive risk management.

(c) We will mitigate risk exposure and build the resilience of our business to climate change, earthquakes and other catastrophic events through smart design and sighting.

(d) We are committed to high ethical standards through a strong Code of Conduct, ongoing ethics training, and executive leadership that promotes a culture of integrity.

(e) We cultivate strong stakeholder relationships through transparency, open communications, and responding to stakeholder input.

(f) We establish clear and effective governance for ESG, set goals and establish accountability. This is set through Essential Recruit and reported to the board.

8. Our business and ESG

(a) ESG is about assessing that net positive impact in the world, and taking concerted, defined and measurable action to improve it. Our value rests in our employees, our communities, and the wider world. Therefore, ESG forms a fundamental part of how our business lives our values in the real world.

(b) The ethical and practical values that make up the different parts of ESG have always been at the heart of what we as a company stand for. With the growth of ESG and the increased awareness of these factors among our key stakeholders, we have a better opportunity to tell the story of how our business makes a positive impact in the world.

(c) The drive to assess a broader range of factors in a holistic manner, from environmental and climate change considerations to the social issues and how we invest in our people, to the structure of our business and always reaching for better governance, means we can tell our story better. We welcome opportunities to highlight the positive impact we have on the world.

9. Our duty to the wider world

(a) As a business, we also have a duty to our people, our customers, and the wider world. ESG gives us an opportunity to bring those impacts together. We value investing in our people as we value protecting our environment and being a good corporate citizen.

(b) Fostering openness, sustainability, and respect are our key objectives. We value everyone and strive to work as one team. Our view on ESG is that it is a continuous process of aligning our operations and controls with our values as a company.

(c) Our commitment to improve our social and environmental performance demonstrates a strong, well-informed management attitude and a values-led culture that is both alert and responsive to the challenges and opportunities of doing business responsibly and sustainably.

10. ESG and our reputation

(a) EGS is fundamental to our reputation as a business. Reputation is built through frequent and repeated interactions with stakeholders. When those interactions are positive, our business, and our reputation, can thrive. In an uncertain economic climate, positive reputation is one of the key drivers to long term success.

(b) We want all our stakeholders, from customers to investors to our people, to be proud to be a part of our business. Part of that pride is understanding how our business makes a positive contribution to the world.

(c) Environmental: Environmental sustainability is an ethical and commercial imperative. Managing our carbon footprint goes hand in hand with the strategic necessity to operate efficiently. Our commitment to tackling climate change at a corporate level is fundamental to our strategic objectives.

(d) Social: Our people make up our business. Intellectual capital is core to our clients, our business model and our long-term sustainability as a business. We aim to foster an environment that values and nurtures unique talents and contributions from every individual within a culture of inclusivity. While we have progress to make, we are committed to cultivating and empowering change by building an inclusive workplace where all talents can thrive.

(e) Governance: Good governance is foundational to our business, and all aspects of ESG. We cannot thrive without paying attention to our compliance obligations. Our business seeks to go beyond the concept of ‘box-ticking’ and embed compliance into the heart of our business.

11. Our responsibility to our customers

(a) We have an obligation to our customers to offer them the best service. Customers are at the heart of our business, and without these partnerships our business wouldn’t exist. Part of that commitment to customers is about responding to their needs, hearing their concerns and committing ourselves to customer satisfaction.

(b) The best customers are those who see us as partners in their own enterprise. In turn, those customers reward us with their continued business, and building and maintaining our world-class reputation.

(c) ESG priorities are drawn not only from investor concerns but customer needs. Customers are asking how we are improving the world around us. How are we protecting our shared natural heritage, investing in our communities and being good corporate citizens? It is imperative on us as a business that all of our interactions with customers are reflective of who they expect us to be. And that is a partner in their own enterprise. A company they are proud to work with and recommend.

(d) That is why it is important for you to understand ESG, its impact and what it means for our company. We want you to feel proud of being part of our business and the positive impact we have on the world, so that our customers will feel the same.

12. Your role to play in ESG

(a) As a member of our business, you have a vital responsibility to ensure our organisation thrives. When it comes to ESG, this means understanding your role in each area of ESG. You can start to do this by familiarising yourself with the concept of ESG, such as through this course, and also our strategic objectives around ESG. You should know:

  • Our strategic ESG goals;
  • How we plan to achieve them and over what time;
  • Your individual and team contribution to those goals;
  • How to discuss our ESG goals with customers and third parties; and
  • Where to report potential concerns or actions which go against our policy.

(b) On an individual level, you have an important role to play in meeting our ESG objectives. Here’s how:

(i) Environmental: We all have a role to play in reducing carbon emissions and getting to net zero. While as a business we are setting organisation-level targets, consider the choices you make and the environmental impact. For instance:

  • When travelling, are there more environmentally friendly options to take?
  • Can some meetings be done remotely instead of travelling?
  • Think before you print.
  • Does the office have recycling and energy saving measures?

(ii) Social: Building a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone feels valued is everyone’s responsibility. Understanding your role in bringing people together is critical to our success as a business. From hiring the best talent to encouraging all staff to thrive, we want a workplace where people proactively work to be the best. You can help by:

  • Challenging and reporting discriminatory or offensive behaviour.
  • Understanding diversity and inclusion policies.
  • Being an active ally for groups often underrepresented.
  • Leading by example in your work.

(iii) Governance: Good governance goes beyond having the right policies and procedures in place. It’s about embedding compliance in your day-to-day work. From completing training on time to actively understanding how regulations affect your work, good governance starts from the individual acting ethically. Take governance to heart by:

  • Be a compliance champion in your team.
  • Refer to policies and procedures instead of shortcuts.
  • Be aware of red flags for compliance failures and risks in your area of work.
  • Don’t be afraid to call out poor behaviour or report failures.

13. Monitoring and enforcement

(a) We seek to proactively prevent and mitigate instances of non-compliance with this ESG policy.

(b) Any breaches or concerns, including ethical concerns or potential breaches in our commitment to high ethical standards should be reported as soon as possible through our whistleblowing channels.

(c) Progress on this policy is reported to the Board on a regular basis. Active participation and engagement at all levels of the business is of great importance to ensure ownership of ESG by all staff. At minimum, we endeavour to maintain compliance with legislative requirements.

About this policy

This Environmental Policy formalises our commitment to supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and recognises that a sustainable environment is central to our lives and our work.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD is committed to managing its activities to promote environmental sustainability, conserve and enhance our natural resources, prevent environmental pollution and bring about continual improvement in our environmental performance.

The aim of this Environmental Policy is to integrate a philosophy of environmental sustainability into all of the organisation’s activities and to establish and promote sound environmental practice in our operations. We will achieve this by:

Informing staff and stakeholders of our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Supporting the implementation of environmental actions within our organisation.

Monitoring the progress of those environmental actions.

Communicating the outcome of those environmental actions to relevant stakeholders.

Who is responsible for this policy?

This policy is owned by Essential Recruit PTY LTD. It will be reviewed every year. Changes may be made at any time based on guidance or amended organisational priorities.

Line managers have day-to-day responsibility for this policy and you should refer any questions about this policy to them in the first instance.

Suggestions for changes or additions to this policy are welcome and should be reported to Evangelos Tepelidis (evan@essentialrecruit.com.au).

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy covers all employees, officers, directors, consultants, contractors, volunteers, interns, casual workers and agency workers.

This policy does not form part of any contract of employment or other contract to provide services, and we may amend it at any time.

Environmental sustainability statement

The Earth’s environment is under severe stress from uncontrolled human activity, threatening the survival of our society and the performance of Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s mission.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD respects our relationship with the natural environment and its ecosystems. We acknowledge the adverse impacts that human activity can impose and take actions to prevent degradation of those natural systems. We acknowledge the specific impacts of our business on the natural environment, and our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to ensure a natural environment that is sustainable.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD commits to the following principles and practices:

Monitoring and managing our environmental performance and working towards targets set to reduce adverse impacts.

Complying with all relevant international, national, state and local environmental policy, practices, regulations and legislation, and industry-specific best practice.

Reducing the consumption of natural resources in daily operations, including water, paper and energy.

Maximising the recycling of resources.

Disposing of all waste appropriately, and minimising waste sent to non-recyclable disposal sites.

Committing to the principles of preventing pollution to the environment and continual improvement in our environmental management.

Minimising pollution by taking steps to limit carbon emissions resulting from vehicle and air travel.

Communicating this policy to all employees, contractors and other stakeholders, as well as making this policy available to the general public.

Reporting on the company’s environmental performance in both internal and external communications, where relevant.

Reviewing this policy every year and measuring targets and performance as part of that review.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD commits to meeting all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements and standards related to environmental protection.

The natural environment and our assets

Essential Recruit PTY LTD commits to increasing opportunities for nature to thrive on the assets we own, lease or manage. This includes land, water and air which we have a financial interest in, own, lease, or otherwise manage.

We are committed to biodiversity, and will work to ensure our actions on the assets we own or manage do not have a detrimental impact on the natural environment and will support biodiversity.

We will achieve this by:

Protecting and enhancing the quality and extent of the natural environment in the assets we own, lease or manage.

Supporting the conservation of trees, hedgerows, ponds, streams, coastal habitats and other aspects of the natural environment.

Managing our assets and those adjacent, such as public rights of way, coastal areas, play areas, playing fields and verges, in a manner that protects and increases biodiversity.

Introducing environmental growth opportunities and activities wherever we can on our assets.

Reducing the use of balloons, sky lanterns, inefficient outdoor heating, and other materials and activities which could have a detrimental impact on the natural environment.

Phasing out the use of chemicals and pesticides on the assets we own, lease or manage.

We encourage the efficient use of water on all assets we own, lease or manage.

We will ensure staff and other users of our buildings are aware of how to reduce the use of water, and reuse water wherever possible.

Sustainable travel

We will promote and support modern working practices including remote working and hybrid working.

We encourage the use of digital meetings wherever possible.

We encourage staff to take public transport, cycle or walk to work wherever possible.

We support and encourage the use of electric and other ultra-low emissions vehicles.

We will actively work to reduce air travel as much as possible. Where there is a recognised business need for air travel, we will work towards offsetting our emissions for air travel.

Waste and recycling

Essential Recruit PTY LTD commits to keeping waste to an absolute minimum by preventing, reusing, recycling or recovering waste wherever possible. We will ensure waste is sorted, stored and disposed of properly and in a sustainable manner in all of our locations.

We aspire to be a zero-waste organisation. We will achieve this by:

Phasing out the use of single-use plastics.

Recycling 100% of recyclable material.

Reducing the use of non-recyclable material and offsetting where this is not possible.

Promoting and encourage recycling by all staff.

Using recyclable, compostable and/or recycled products on our premises.

Reducing the production of non-recyclable resources such as laminated or plastic based publicity material.

Minimise the amount of printing and the amount of wastepaper.

Using electronic communication as our primary method of communication and use an opt-in scheme for paper-based communication.

Minimising pollution and preventing it wherever possible, including light, noise, solids, liquids and chemicals.

Promoting the use of composting for organic waste.

Sustainable procurement

We commit to timely procurement and encourage less environmentally damaging ways for international procurement needs. When these decisions are made in a timely manner, overland or overseas shipping can be used instead of flights, which reduces the carbon footprint of the procurement spend compared to aviation.

Where air freight is unavoidable, we will monitor and record the emissions generated and seek to offset this as part of our carbon reduction plan.

We will meet the objectives of sustainable procurement by:

Sourcing materials and services locally and seasonally.

Ensure catering and foodstuffs are sourced from organic, local, and/or fair-trade sources.
Ensure timber or other wood-based materials are sourced from recyclable or sustainable sources.

Ensure all consumables such as cleaning materials and inks are eco-friendly.

Review existing and plan for new procurement spending within the principles of environmental sustainability.

Our duty to the wider world

Human activities over the past 200 years, such as the burning of fossil fuels and land clearing, have led to an increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere – increasing the average global temperature and precipitating a climate crisis. The 1997 Kyoto Protocol has defined the most prominent greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, as well as sulphur hexafluoride, hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons. Taken together, these greenhouse gas emissions are a key contributor to rapid climate change.

The use of electricity and gas is a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions; however, our organisation cannot function without energy. Therefore, energy is one of the clearest and most important ways to reduce our overall emissions, and is a key part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

To accomplish a reduction in emissions from energy use, we will:

Undertake an energy audit.

Produce a plan to reduce our energy usage.

Produce a plan to switch to 100% renewable energy procurement.

Investigate how wind and solar energy can be used on our assets.

We will review and reduce our Scope 1 emissions. These are emissions which occur from sources directly controlled by our organisation, such as furnaces, boilers and owned vehicles. We will produce a plan to reduce and offset our Scope 1 emissions.

We will review and reduce our Scope 2 emissions. These are indirect emissions from sources such as purchased electricity. We will produce a plan to reduce and offset our Scope 2 emissions.

We will review and reduce our Scope 3 emissions. These are emissions from travel and purchased goods. We will produce a plan to reduce and offset our Scope 3 emissions.

Information technology and sustainability

We will work towards the use of certified sustainable PCs, laptops, monitors, mobile devices, network and server hardware.

Where possible, we will source IT equipment from recycled sources.

Non-sustainable equipment or equipment with low energy efficiency will only be used where there is no alternative.

All equipment must be disposed of correctly through an approved e-waste recycling contractor. No IT equipment should be sent to landfill or thrown out.

We will make available the use of applications and systems to reduce the need for printing paper and reduce the use of personal printers where they are not required.

Training and staff involvement

We will encourage all staff to undergo training on environmental sustainability and climate change. We will aim to raise awareness of environmental sustainability across our operations.

We encourage collaboration and involvement of all staff in our environmental sustainability efforts. Staff involvement is critical to ensuring the adoption of this policy and in our efforts to tackle climate change.

We will establish a sustainability steering group to drive involvement and stewardship of sustainability across the organisation.


Essential Recruit PTY LTD is committed to providing every client with the best service possible. This requires its employees to reject incentives that can potentially lead to partial treatment of clients. This policy outlines the courses of action to be taken concerning gifts.

While this gift policy must be followed at all times, exceptions may be made only with permission by the company’s human resources department.

In the following policy, “gift” refers to any item of value addressed to a specific employee, office or department that may result in preferential treatment of clients.

No Gift Policy

No gift of any kind can be accepted by any Essential Recruit PTY LTD employee from:

  • all existing and potential clients;
  • Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s contractors and agent; or
  • individuals or organisations that Essential Recruit PTY LTD comes into contact with.

Any business courtesy offered such as discounts or other benefits must not be accepted by any Essential Recruit PTY LTD employee, unless the benefit is extended to all employees.


Gifts that employees obtain as members of the public are exempt from this policy. This includes gifts available to all members in attendance equally during conferences and seminars. Similarly, food and beverages funded by conference or event sponsors are also exempt from this policy.

Written forms of thanks and recognition are exempt from this policy, such as cards, notes and certificates.

Moderately priced food and beverages, tickets to local events that are supplied and attended by clients, contractors and agents are exempt from this policy as they are in accordance with Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s interest in building positive business relationships. However, these benefits are expected to be reciprocated by Essential Recruit PTY LTD and its employees.

Courses of Action

Existing and potential clients and Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s contractors and agents are expected to be professionally informed by Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s employees of this policy.

Clients, contractors and agents are expected to respect this policy and not to purchase a gift for Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s employees, offices and departments.

Should a Essential Recruit PTY LTD employee, office or department receive a gift:

  • the gift must be returned, if possible; or
  • if it is not possible to return the gift, Essential Recruit PTY LTD is to hold a raffle for the gift received. Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s charity of choice. If employees are not interested in the item, it will be donated to a charity of choice.
  • In the case of flowers and plants, they may be placed in a central location at Essential Recruit PTY LTD so they can be enjoyed by all employees.
  • Food gifts always belong to the entirety of Essential Recruit PTY LTD, even if they are addressed to a single employee.

The above apply for gifts that are given during traditional gift-giving occasions or holidays.


The Company is committed to providing a workplace free of all forms of harassment and bullying, as prescribed by Commonwealth and state legislation. All workers have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and are required to treat each other accordingly.

This policy applies to all employees and any other workers such as contractors engaged by the Company. It applies in the workplace, when you are working off-site and during any activity undertaken in the course of employment, including work-related events such as business trips, meetings, social events and training programs.

Any grievances raised under this policy will be treated seriously and as confidentially as possible. You will not be penalised or disadvantaged as a result of raising any genuine concern or complaint.

Relevant and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found to have breached this policy, which may include, but is not limited to summary dismissal.


Harassment is not permitted, and means any unwelcome behaviour which a reasonable person in the circumstances would find offensive, humiliating or intimidating. The fact that no offence was intended does not mean that harassment has not occurred. If the behaviour has the effect of being offensive, humiliating or intimidating, that is usually enough.

Harassment may occur as a single act, or as a series of incidents. It may be subtle or openly hostile and occur in private or public settings.

Examples of harassment may include, but are not limited to:

  • swearing in the workplace;
  • gossiping about a person, or asking intrusive questions about another person’s private life, including their religion, family or other matters;
  • constantly monitoring what someone else is doing, giving unsolicited or unreasonable criticism or ‘nitpicking’;
  • openly displaying pictures, graffiti or other written materials which might be offensive; and/or
  • sending communications via phone, email or computer networks which may be threatening, abusive or offensive.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment means any unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature which a reasonable person in the circumstances would find offensive, humiliating or intimidating. Such behaviour is unlawful and not permitted.

Examples of sexual harassment may include, but are not limited to:

  • sexual advances or requests for sexual favours;
  • inappropriate or unsolicited physical contact, such as patting or pinching;
  • sexual violence or indecent and/or sexual assault;
  • public displays of nudity;
  • verbal comments or unwelcome questions about someone’s appearance, dress or private life;
  • lewd jokes or wolf whistling; and/or
  • communications of any form that create a hostile workplace environment, including displaying offensive material or pornography, such as posters or calendars.


Workplace bullying means repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards another person or group of people that creates a risk to health and safety, with:

  • repeated behaviour referring to the persistent nature of such behaviour, which can be in reference to a range of actions over time; and
  • unreasonable behaviour referring to behaviour that a reasonable person would consider unreasonable in the circumstances. It includes behaviour that is victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening.

Such behaviour may be unlawful and is not permitted. Single incidents of such conduct may also present a risk to health and safety and will not be tolerated.

It may include obvious verbal or physical assault to very subtle psychological abuse and can include:

  • physical intimidation or actions such as punching a person;
  • verbal abuse, threats, sarcasm or other forms of demeaning or intimidating language or communication;
  • psychological harassment;
  • excluding or isolating another person;
    deliberate change of work duties, sabotaging another’s work or placing unreasonable work demands on another person; and/or
  • communications of any form that create a hostile workplace environment.

What is not workplace bullying?

Reasonable management action taken in a reasonable way is not bullying. Managers have a responsibility to conduct performance reviews, manage employees and to provide feedback on performance and work-related behaviour. On occasion, this may include negative review or comment which you may find uncomfortable, but will not amount to bullying or harassment.

Workplace bullying does not include:

  • legitimate and relevant counselling, comments or advice relating to your performance or conduct at work; and/or
  • discussion or counselling designed to assist you to meet performance targets.

Conduct that breaches this policy

Conduct that breaches this policy is unacceptable and, depending on the severity and circumstances, may lead to disciplinary action, regardless of the seniority of the particular employee/s involved.

The Company shall take appropriate disciplinary action against any employee who is responsible for, or engages in, any form of bullying or harassment behaviour.

Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Demotion;
  • A requirement to provide a written or verbal apology;
  • A formal warning;
  • A requirement to attend training or counseling; or
  • Dismissal.

It is also unlawful and against Company policy to victimise or otherwise disadvantage a person who alleges that they have been bullied or harassed. Any worker including an employee or contractor who victimises, threatens, intimidates or otherwise places at disadvantage a person who alleges they have been bullied or harassed will be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to dismissal.

What to do if you have a complaint

If you believe you have been bullied or harassed by another worker, please notify your manager. If you do not feel comfortable discussing the behaviour with your manager, you can contact the

If it is safe to do so, you can also speak with the person responsible for the conduct in the first instance and ask them to stop. If this doesn’t work, or you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can still notify the designated contact directly.

Your complaint will be investigated and if established, appropriate disciplinary conduct will be taken against the person engaging in unlawful conduct. Your complaint will be treated seriously, and we will respect and maintain your confidentiality and privacy as much as possible.[/vcex_toggle][vcex_toggle heading=”Human Rights Policy”]Essential Recruit PTY LTD is known as ESR throughout this policy.

Introduction – Commitment to Human Rights
ESR has a strong commitment to its values of community, accountability, respect and excellence. In accordance with these values, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ESR is committed to respecting and promoting human rights consistent with the International Bill of Rights (including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) and in the eight fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organisation.
ESR operates wholly within Australia, a country with a long history of democratic government, judicial independence and high standards of governance, with legislative regimes relating to human rights including labour standards, privacy and nondiscrimination.

ESR respects and promotes human rights through our policies, programs, initiatives and toolkits, and stakeholder management methods.

ESR does not tolerate behaviour that is in breach of the law or our corporate policies.

Respecting and Promoting Human Rights
Policies that reflect and support our commitment to respecting and promoting human rights include:

  • Code of Conduct Employee
  • Discrimination Policy
  • Harassment and Bullying Policy
  • Fraud Policy
  • Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Diversity Policy
  • Flexible Working Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Reconciliation Action Plan

These policies promote and respect fundamental human rights such as:

  • Right to equality
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Right to a safe work environment
  • Right to family life
  • Right to rest and leisure
  • Right to fair remuneration
  • Freedom of association
  • Right to collective bargaining
  • Right to social security
  • Right to political participation
  • Right to privacy
  • Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
  • Rights of indigenous peoples

We also proactively promote human rights through our business activities and other initiatives, including (for example):

  • Right to own property
  • Right to work (and rights of the child) Offering a range of employment support activities for school students living in and around our communities
  • Right to physical and mental health supporting and delivering programs which promote health and wellbeing both in the workplace and in our communities
  • Right to participate in cultural life of the community Supporting and delivering community programs which enhance sense of belonging and vitality

Human Rights Policy
We strongly support and promote the rights of our employees and contractors and aim to create a vibrant, safe and inclusive work environment. The commitment and attitude of our workforce is critical to ensuring we operate in an ethical manner. Our values (community, accountability, respect and excellence) and our Code of Conduct set the behaviour and conduct expected of all ESR directors and employees.

We are committed to responsible procurement and sustainable supply chain management. We endeavour that our suppliers operate in a manner which is consistent with our values and standards by considering social, environmental and human rights related factors in our procurement decisions. Our expectation is that our Suppliers comply with Australian state and federal legislation (including labour laws, environmental regulations and workplace health and safety standards). Our procurement guidelines give preference to Suppliers who demonstrate corporate responsibility and sustainability policies and practices which align with ESR’s corporate values, objectives and standards.

Our commitment to our customers and communities is reflected in the products we offer and in the way we engage, value and respect our diverse range of customers. We regularly engage with our customers and communities to understand and respond to their changing needs. Our communities are also empowered and encouraged to engage with and assume ownership of development programs and initiatives.

We acknowledge that human rights risks and impacts relate not only to our business activities, but also to the relationships with our business partners. We monitor and encourage the respect of human rights in our dealings with key business partners, including government, through adherence to key corporate policies and stakeholder management methods.

Monitoring and Compliance
This policy has been endorsed by the Director and is supported by a series of processes to promote, monitor and evaluate Compliance.

Policy Compliance

  • Employees who breach this policy may face disciplinary action up to and including dismissal
  • You must adhere to ESR’s Escalation Policy in reporting any breach of this policy that you are involved in or become aware of and do so in a timely manner.

What is the purpose of this policy?

  • We will limit risks of modern slavery practices in our business and supply chain.
  • This policy supports our commitment.

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to you if you are involved in our business, including if you are an employee, director, officer, labour hire staff, contractor or other representative of our business or of any business in our supply chain.

While this policy is not part of any contract you may have with us, you are expected to comply with it.

If you do not comply with this policy, we may end our business relationship with you and if you are an employee, you may be disciplined or dismissed.

What is modern slavery?

Modern slavery is depriving a person of freedom for commercial gain and in violation of fundamental human rights.

It describes situations where offenders use coercion, threats or deception to exploit victims and undermine their freedom. Modern slavery involves serious exploitation, not substandard working conditions or the underpayment of workers although this may be unlawful for other reasons.

Modern slavery can take many forms including:

  • Slavery – owning a person, trading in slaves or financing slave trading (ie, human trafficking).
  • Forced labour – forcing a person to work by coercion or threats (and servitude is when that person’s freedom is significantly restricted).
  • Forced marriage – a marriage without free and full consent – eg, due to lack of understanding or duress/coercion.
  • Debt bondage – a person works to pay off a large debt, for an unlimited time or where the value of the work is not applied to the debt
    Deceptive recruiting – a recruiter charges a fee for the job offer, confiscates identity documents, deceives a person about personal freedom or their ability to leave the job.
  • Child labour – not always unlawful but not tolerated by us when it involves exploiting children, depriving them of education, making them work in unsafe working environments.

Modern slavery can be complex and multi-faceted and can be difficult to spot.

What are indicators of modern slavery practices?

Modern slavery indicators may include where a person:

  • is not in possession of their own passport, ID or travel documents;
  • is acting as though they are being instructed or coached by someone else;
  • allows others to speak for them when spoken to directly;
  • is dropped off and collected from work;
  • is withdrawn or appears frightened or have physical indicators of slavery, such as injuries;
  • unable to contact friends or family freely;
  • has limited social interaction or contact with people outside their immediate environment;
  • story contains obvious errors;
  • acts with hostility or have difficulty in concentrating due to trauma;
  • has few possessions;
  • has little or no control over their finances or no access to a bank account, or they are being significantly overcharged for their accommodation; and
  • is living in a very poorly maintained and overcrowded place.

These indicators are not exhaustive and do not necessarily mean there are modern slavery practices. Sometimes there may be other reasons or circumstances that indicate that something is not right.

Why do we want to limit risks of modern slavery practices?

Limiting modern slavery practices makes good business sense, protecting our workers and our reputation.

It also supports us in assessing and addressing modern slavery risks as required by modern slavery legislation.

What are our responsibilities?

We will endeavor to:

  • identify and address modern slavery risks in our business and supply chain; and
  • take steps to raise your awareness of modern slavery risks, including by having this policy.

What are your responsibilities?

You must take all reasonable steps to ensure our business and supply chain is free of modern slavery practices.

However senior you are and regardless of your business relationship with us, you must pay close attention to the high-risk areas, particularly supply chain and outsourcing in jurisdictions without adequate safeguards.

Some areas of the business are likely to have more exposure than others, including procurement and sourcing, human resources, finance, risk, sustainability, projects, legal and leadership.

Examples of specific responsibilities include:

  • participating in all training, including in this policy;
  • leading by example by making appropriate checks on all employees, recruitment agencies, suppliers, etc. to ensure we know who is working for us;
  • remaining alert to indicators of slavery (see above);
  • using only approved contracts which include modern slavery clauses; and
  • obeying our instructions regarding modern slavery.

Turning a blind eye is unacceptable and if you reasonably suspect there may be modern slavery, report it under this policy.

How do I report slavery concerns?

If you have a reasonably held suspicion of modern slavery practices, discuss your concerns with Essential Recruit 1300 31 385, who will decide a course of action and provide any further advice.

If there is immediate danger call the police — don’t tackle a situation on your own as dangerous criminals can be behind modern slavery and human trafficking.

Not all victims may want to be helped and sometimes, reporting a suspected trafficking case puts the potential victim at risk, so it is important that unless there is immediate danger, you discuss your concerns first with Essential Recruit before taking any further action.

Keep your eyes and ears open—your awareness and actions may stop someone from being exploited or abused.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD is known as ESR throughout this document.

Everyone Zero harm Everyday
Everyone Zero harm Everyday talks to what ESR wants to achieve (i.e. keeping everyone safe everyday). To be safe our people need to be physically safe, as well as mentally and emotionally safe.

Everyone means every person: ESR team members, contractors, suppliers, visitors, customers – we are all in this together.

Zero harm means when our physical, mental and social needs are met. It means creating a culture where people flourish and can be the best they can be, because they feel safe and remain injury and illness free.

Everyday means 24/7. If you are safe at work, then you will be better able to be the best person you can be.

At ESR we are committed to protecting the health and safety of all persons in the workplace including employees, contractors and other visitors. We believe that keeping our people safe is fundamental to the sustainable success of ESR and demonstrates this commitment through its health and safety management system which is integrated with all organisational activities related to products, services and people.

ESR is committed to achieving the following objectives:

  • Meeting relevant safety legislation.
  • Working to continuously improve our safety performance.
  • Providing our people with supervision, training, tools and equipment to stay safe every day.
  • Identifying and reducing safety risks to as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Communicating and consulting with our people on matters affecting their safety.
  • Supporting our people in the event they are injured at work.
  • Establish and review targets and objectives at defined intervals to improve health and safety in the workplace.
  • Actively responding to and investigating all incidents, and ensuring injured employees are returned to suitable work at the earliest possible opportunity through equitable claims management and rehabilitation practices.

These objectives will be monitored regularly to ensure their integrity and effectiveness to facilitate continuous improvement.

As team members of ESR, we all commit to owning our decisions and actions, so that we do not put ourselves or others at risk. Following ESR’s safety policies, procedures or instructions and the Safety Essentials listed below:

  • I always come to work fit for my role
  • I always ensure I am licensed and trained to do my job
  • I always follow the right procedure and use the right tools for the job
  • I always identify and manage risk before I start non – routine or high-risk work
  • I always ensure the machine or equipment is safe before I start work
  • I always follow local road and site traffic rules
  • I always participate in ESR and client safety consultation activities
  • I always report all incidents and hazards to ESR immediately
  • I always, if injured, actively participate in ESR recovery at work program

By delivering on our Safety & Wellbeing commitments we will build and sustain a safety culture of care, ownership and leadership, so that we keep Everyone Zero Harm Everyday.

Together, we all own, care and lead safety at ESR to create a business that achieves long term sustainable results.[/vcex_toggle][vcex_toggle heading=”Health Surveillance Policy”]Essential Recruit PTY LTD is known as ESR throughout this document.

ESR is committed to providing a safe workplace for all its employees and will take action to identify, assess, control or eliminate workplace hazards. ESR acknowledges that health surveillance is required following exposure to hazardous substances processes which have the potential to result in disease or health effects upon exposure.

Occupational health hazards requiring health surveillance may comprise, but are not limited to noise, hazardous substances, dangerous goods, fumes, dusts, gases and pathogens.

ESR makes the following commitments:

  • ESR will work with all its clients to ensure the intent of this policy is met.
  • ESR will take action to ensure the identification of workplaces and employees which require health surveillance.
  • The hierarchy of risk control will be used in the elimination or mitigation of identified workplace hazards.
  • Occupational health monitoring and medical surveillance programs will be conducted under the supervision of appropriately qualified medical personnel, chosen in consultation with employees, where required.
  • All health surveillance associated costs are to be met by ESR and/or the client.
  • The provision of assistance to facilitate required treatment programs should an employee receive abnormal health surveillance results.
  • Notification of exposure and/or the presence of hazards requiring health surveillance, to relevant employees and Statutory Authorities, in line with legislative requirements.
  • Maintenance of health surveillance records, with respect to storage, privacy and confidentiality, in line with legislative requirements.
  • Occupational health promotion, education and awareness will be conducted in keeping with the assessed level of risks and controls.

This policy is supported by a procedure contained within the ESR WHS Management system.

Purpose of policy

Essential Recruit PTY LTD is committed to a culture of good commercial practice and highly ethical behaviour.

This policy deals with issues relating to those employees (or others) who wish to raise issues about whether Essential Recruit PTY LTD or its employees have complied with applicable laws and other standards of behaviour (such as Essential Recruit PTY LTD’s policies or codes of conduct).


This policy applies to all current and former employees, volunteers and suppliers of Essential Recruit PTY LTD. Other persons (such as third-party contractors, customers, relatives, dependents or dependents of spouses of any employee) may use the procedures in this policy.

In this policy, the people this policy applies to are referred to as an “eligible person” (Eligible Person).


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • encourage every Eligible Person to disclose any malpractice, misconduct or conflicts of interest of which they become aware;
  • provide protection for every Eligible Person who disclose allegations of malpractice, misconduct or conflicts of interest; and
  • indicate when such disclosures will be investigated.


Whistleblower protection

This policy is designed to give guidance so that honesty and integrity are maintained at all times at Essential Recruit PTY LTD.

To the maximum extent practicable, a person who genuinely discloses an allegation or concern about compliance with laws or other standards of behaviour (Whistleblower) will be protected from any adverse action (such
as dismissal, demotion, suspension, harassment, or other forms of discrimination) because they have raised such allegations. Subject to this policy, a Whistleblower is protected, even if the allegations prove to be incorrect or unsubstantiated (although a person who maliciously or vexatiously makes disclosures or makes false disclosures may be subject to disciplinary action).

Employees who participate, or assist in, an investigation involving reportable conduct will also be protected. Every effort will be made to protect the anonymity of the Whistleblower, however, there may be situations where anonymity cannot be guaranteed. In such situations, the Whistleblower will be informed.

Reportable conduct

Reportable conduct that can be the subjected of a protected Whistleblower report is anything the Eligible Person has reasonable grounds to suspect concerns misconduct or an improper state of affair or circumstances.

Examples of things that may be considered misconduct or an improper state of affair or circumstances include:

  • dishonesty;
  • fraud;
  • corruption;
  • illegal activities (including theft, drug sale/use, violence, threatened violence, or criminal damage against Essential Recruit PTY LTD assets/property);
  • discrimination, vilification, sexual harassment, harassment, bullying and victimisation;
  • acts or omissions in breach of commonwealth or state legislation or local authority by-laws;
  • unethical behaviour;
  • other serious improper conduct (including gross mismanagement, serious and substantial waste of Essential Recruit PTY LTD resources, or repeated breaches of administrative procedures);
  • unsafe work-practices;
  • any other conduct which may cause financial or non-financial loss to Essential Recruit PTY LTD or be otherwise detrimental to the interests or reputation of Essential Recruit PTY LTD, or any of its employees; or the deliberate concealment of information tending to show any of the matters listed above.

Conduct that is not reportable

This policy does not apply to:

  • personal work-related grievances;
  • health and safety hazards; or
  • general employment grievances and complaints by a person about their own employment or situation.

How to speak up about reportable conduct

Any person who has reasonable grounds to suspect that reportable conduct or a breach of a law or other standard of behaviour has occurred, is encouraged to report that suspicion to that person’s manager. If this is considered inappropriate, that person should raise the concern via our Concerns and Grievances form on our website and in our employee app.

All disclosures should provide specific, adequate and pertinent information with respect to, among other things, dates, places, persons, witnesses, amounts, and other relevant information, in order to allow for a reasonable investigation to be conducted.

If the Whistleblower’s name disclosed in the disclosure, the person receiving the disclosure will acknowledge having received the disclosure and may initiate a follow-up meeting. However, if the disclosure is submitted on an anonymous basis, there will be no follow-up meeting regarding the disclosure and Essential Recruit PTY LTD will be unable to communicate with the Whistleblower if more information is required, or if the matter is to be referred to external parties for further investigation.

All disclosures received will be dealt with on a confidential basis and Whistleblowers are encouraged to disclose their identities, to obtain the protection afforded to them at law.

Confidentiality and anonymity

Essential Recruit PTY LTD recognises that maintaining appropriate confidentiality is crucial in ensuring that potential Whistleblowers come forward and make disclosures in an open and timely manner and without fear of reprisals being made against them.

Essential Recruit PTY LTD will take all reasonable steps to protect the identity of the Whistleblower and will adhere to any statutory requirements in respect of the confidentiality of disclosures made. In appropriate cases, disclosure of the identity of the Whistleblower, or the allegation made by them, may be unavoidable, such as if court proceedings result from a disclosure pursuant to this policy or there is a threat to life or property or if the company has an obligation to do so.

How the company actions a Whistleblower report

Once a disclosure has been received from a Whistleblower, Essential Recruit PTY LTD will consider the most appropriate action. This might include an investigation of the alleged conduct, either by an appropriate person or a group of people, such as a committee.

Any investigation in relation to a disclosure will be conducted promptly and fairly, with due regard for the nature of the allegation and the rights of the persons involved in the investigation.

Any evidence gathered during an investigation, including any materials, documents or records, must be held by the investigator, and held securely.

During the investigation, the investigator will have access to all of the relevant materials, documents, and records. The directors, officers, employees and agents of Essential Recruit PTY LTD must cooperate fully with the investigator.

Following the investigation, a final report will issue and appropriate action taken where applicable.

Support and protection of an Eligible Person following a report

When the policy will operate

This policy protects the Whistleblower against any reprisals, provided that the Whistleblower identifies himself or herself to Essential Recruit PTY LTD, and the disclosure is:

  • reportable conduct;
  • submitted in good faith and without any malice or intentionally false allegations;
  • based on the Whistleblower’s reasonable belief that the alleged conduct, or issue related to the alleged conduct constitutes, or may constitute, a material breach of a law or other standard of behaviour; and
  • does not result in a personal gain or advantage for the Whistleblower.

No reprisals

The company will not take any adverse action against a Whistleblower because they have made a disclosure, which meet the above-mentioned conditions, unless the Whistleblower is a participant in the prohibited activities with respect to which the complaint is made.

If the Whistleblower was involved in the conduct, which was the subject of the disclosure, the fact that the Whistleblower has made the disclosure may be taken into account in determining the severity of the disciplinary measures, if any, that may eventually be taken against such Whistleblower.

Any reprisals against a Whistleblower are a serious breach of this policy and may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal. This protection applies to anyone providing information related to an investigation pursuant to this policy.

While it is the right of the Whistleblower to remain anonymous, if the Whistleblower does not identify themselves and requires complete anonymity, it will be hard for Essential Recruit PTY LTD to protect them.

Communications to the Whistleblower

Essential Recruit PTY LTD will ensure that, provided the disclosure was not made anonymously, the Whistleblower is kept informed of the outcomes of the investigation of the allegations, subject to the considerations of privacy of those against whom allegations are made.